7 Top Reasons Many Christian Women are “Still” Single


I recently got a request to provide my $0.02 on “why many eligible single women in the church are still single.” 

The request came from my mother, a pastor’s wife of 47 years, who met with a group of the women from their church – Salvation Temple Church in Hazel Park, MI, right outside of Detroit.

Considering my parents to be the experts, I was honored she asked. Of course I wanted to share my response with you!

 Most importantly I believe the responsibility is with both parties, the man and the woman. I’ve previously listed 4 things that will be present “When A REAL Man Loves A Woman.” Ultimately, both parties should have a solid relationship with God first before considering sharing their lives with another. Since no human being can control another, the focus is on ourselves. Compare my list with yours, and let me know what you think by leaving a comment!

1 – Slim Pickin’s.

Men just don’t go to church like they used to, which make it IMPOSSIBLE for him to have a powerful, close and intimate relationship with God. Why even consider dating a man who does not attends a good church, prays AND studies his Bible regularly?

2 – Stop having sex before marriage.

If a man hears from and trusts God, God will tell on you to protect His man. There is no right way to do the wrong thing. – Peter Daniels

3 – Loneliness

Preparation is never lost time. In fact, many believe that the formula to success (even in dating) is: Preparation + Opportunity = Success. It’s ok to go out by yourself. Sleep by yourself. Stay in by yourself. Prayer can keep you, but it won’t satisfy you. God is spiritual.

4 – Unapproachability

 I’ve heard women say men are intimidated by her “success.” I disagree. The man you want isn’t intimidated, but impressed. What bothers him is your competitive mindset that won’t turn off when it’s time to be a woman – as God created (Soft & Elegant). Others are just down right bitter or desperate, and it reeks.

5 – Bad Advice

Women hurt themselves trying to learn about men from other women.

6 – Stubbornness

You have to think differently. Information changes situations. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

7 – Embrace your own truth

Our truth is usually clear to everyone else but us. Find a good mentoring couple who is where you want to be!

Both sexes feel free to reply!


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