How Do You Go From #1 to #264 OVERNIGHT?



Emmitt Smith said the best, “All men are created equal, some just work harder in the pre-season.”

 In the Kingdom of God, there is seed, time, then harvest. Which means we should be in a place of continuous growth and change, rising from level to level – striving to be the best at whatever level we are on!

Some people resist change and growth, and become content and comfortable in mediocrity. Most frequently this happens in the period post high school – pre-career. This is commonly called the “failure to lauch” syndrome.

In school, there are classes, grades, and levels of schools. For example, once we graduate from middle school, we start all over in high school.

 In sports competition and the occupational field, there are 2 primary levels, amateur and pro – so it is with life. There comes a time when we have to shed the notoriety and celebrity of being #1 on our current platform, and start the journey all over again.

So How Do You Go From #1 to #264 Overnight? – Turn Pro!

Start right now!


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