When a REAL Man Loves a Woman…



While commenting on Google+Twitter, or Facebook – can’t remember which, a friend of mine was polling about REAL love and whether or not this new guy she was dating was for real…

Being a successful bachelor for many, many years prior to getting a couple years ago at 39, I thought I’d send her my $0.02. Due to an overwhelming amount of personal messages, I thought I’d share this with all I can!

It’s really simple:

He will ALREADY have the capacity to have and fully possess the 4 p’s:

  1. Protector – At all costs, whatever it takes.
  2. Provider – At all costs, whatever it takes.
  3. Priest – Representing her to God in prayer and as head of the marriage.
  4. Prophet – Representing God to her, as head, leader and authority (which is the greatest of responsibilities)


What do you think? Feel free to comment!

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